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Our patented method is called SAVANT  Synchronized Array of Vibration Actuators in a Network Topology, and we name a team of vibration actuators  a SAVANT.

Our first solution from SAVANT is the Gemini Drive. The Gemini Drive is designed to provide low cost, high quality touch sensations for automobile driver alerts and haptic feedback in automotive touch panels, steering wheels, and automobile seating. The Gemini Drive is also intended for providing innovative high performance haptic feedback and rumble for video game controllers.

Because SAVANT is scale invariant and Gemini Drives use off-the-shelf, conventional, DC motors  Gemini Drives can be scaled up or down in size for other markets and other applications, including wearables and mobile devices. 

SAVANTs can also incorporate LRAs (Linear Resonant Actuators) which are increasingly being deployed in mobile phones and consumer wearables, providing enhanced performance to LRAs.